Saturday, 24 October 2015


Its been a while but we're back and back for good! Last weekend I made the trip down from Scotland to visit Jess at uni in Lancaster. We had such a great time, but its always so sad when we have to say goodbye again, best friends should not be separated! Despite being a four hour train ride away I somehow managed to co-ordinate my outfit with Jess when she came to pick me up... some things never change!

Autumn is finally with us, which means layering, burgundy and my favourite day of the year, Halloween (keep your eyes peeled for a spooky post soon)! Seventies is back with a bang this season and it is impossible to walk into a high street shop without feeling like you have been transported back to 1973, but as my mum nostalgically reminisces, who wouldn't want a return to suede, hoops and all things a little bit groooovy baby.